Sunday, 30 September 2012

Leave the the past

Always inspiring is the Disney positivity. Perfectly prosed 'we keep moving forward - opening up new doors'...

 I wonder what awaits us all today, especially if we lok forward and leave the past behind.

My curiosity is ignited and unleashed.  Given permission to exist. As it did in days gone yonder.
It works well for Disney as a corporation, their success trails from achievement to achievement.

My goal for today - open up at least one new door and let curiosity lead me down that new path.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tarzan falls in love...

Jane comes into his life when he neither anticipates it or is looking for it.  Loving Jane reveals to Tarzan much he never knew about himself.  Learning about 'these strangers like me' Tarzan is able to learn more about himself. Learning more about himself ensures he learns more about his past, his family and who others are around him.

Lessons in trust, loving experiences, lying awake in euphoria Tarzan had no idea this experience was possible - demonstrating that we never really know what is about to happen next. 
And for those who think they have already known may be surprised to find an experience may be coming that you never knew possible.