Saturday, 28 April 2012

A much loved baby. A family in trouble. No doubted he was their priority in finding safety, as every mother prays or wishes for her child.

Tragedy takes place..

but grace steps in.  While Kala has her own loss and tragedy to deal with she takes on the caring role of guardian....

She protects and comforts him singing,
You'll be in my heart...

No matter what they say, you'll be in my heart always.....

For she did not see difference, she saw him as her family and treated him so.

A lesson in love, we are not separate from each other, we are joined in so many ways, for so many reasons that we don't always become aware of till much has passed.

To act with love seems the most appropriate way to take on any challenge.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hercules.... wanted to be a hero.

For achieving this would allow him to return home.
Trial after trial he conquered.
His reputation grew for being a saviour, a feat of strength...a hero for the people to rely on and come to on in times of trouble.
Soon he was a big celebrity in town, a famous face, a renown fire stopper.
Did that make him a 'hero?'
No, no, no it didn't.
Just as the general consensus of the people does not mean you are desolate, hopeless, stupid, unworthy or untrustworthy.  The general consensus of people does not make you admirable, worthy, clever, special or privileged.
Acceptance comes from within and so does love, only you can do it for you.... so please do.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Im loving knowing my role models are helping me chieve my goals....
I thought really hard about the things i want to BE
and then all the characters who are those things and how they achieve what they do and rest the rest is easy...
 Hard working - is one virtue and a value I hold in high regard, Cinderella does her work such a cheerful way that it doesnt even seem like work as she achieves all she sets out to do with little effort.

How to stand up for what is mine - Oliver the tiny kitty chases Dodger after he rips off the little kitten denying him his take in the great sausage steal, Oliver takes on the chase and ensures he receives what he deservedly earned. (A cat chasing a dog? - yes if thats what it takes)
Goal focussed and determined -Tiana works night and day to save for the alost imossible task of opening her restaurant.  At times tired, she never gives up...

In touch... Pocahontas was able to listen to the still quiet voice and wisdom Gradmother Willow tree offered....

 Lots to learn from my disney friends.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Would you love to be labelled by actions or words.... Me neither.
Because for sure we would have to be continually trying to escape them.
Sometimes we label people by how we continue to treat them.
Every day is a new day - treat people as what they are capable of andd they have a chance of being that - Goethe