Saturday, 31 December 2011

   My gift was Aladdin's lamp.

Today...January 1st. New years day is rife with revelations, new hopes and beginnings. Like my sister Jen said 'anything is possible'.
Amongst all these waves of good will occasionally a wish or dream slips through.

I walked an imaginary path and graciously accepted a gift from a wise version of myself. The gift was an old and interestingly shaped magic lamp.  While delightfully revelling in the idea of making wishes, the most amazing realisation hit me. Hard.

The genie only allows three wishes, and even they have limitations -' can't make anyone fall in love with you', 'can't bring back from the dead' and' no wishing for wishes!'

Seemingly a draw back until I realised that there is a very good reason why we only have three wishes. Because... we can make anything happen, we don't need magic to believe, or to have trust and faith in our abilities on see things through. We don't need any special pixie dust to be committed to goals, we just need to be consistent.
So starting 2012 with a magic lamp that I don't need to use yet is definitely an advantage.


  1. I love it! What am amazing first post! Am hanging out to read your next post! Such wise words!

  2. AMAZING.. that's the kind of blurb you read on a good book that you buy straight away and can't wait to get home to read..i need more!!!

  3. well structured and especially enlightening :) well done mum :)