Sunday, 4 March 2012

Is Clopin a wise storyteller.....after all he entertains the public with his puppet show retelling events that unearths truths?  Is he an advocate for the underdog, as he tells the crowd to remain calm after Quasimodo is crowned king of fools and they realise he is not wearing a mask? But, then again... he is ready to hang Quasimodo and Febus after they discover the location of the court of miracles.
Who really can say, who Clopin is? Maybe he himself could not answer.  Like many people he is many things on many days.
On a different day we could make different decisions with the same information.
So rather than think we know a person, rather than judge a person believing we have gathered enough evidence to justify our thoughts... maybe we should just love them for who they are. For we can never know a persons heart, nor is it our business to.

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