Friday, 17 February 2012


Reflecting on the distant memories in her heart Anya follows her unfolding destiny.

Step by step at a cross roads, unsure of which path to take she asks for a sign.
\Bravely she accepts the form it is shown to her in and begins her journey to her past and future.
I love her song she sings
'heart don't fail me now!'
so telling that just because it seems to be the way, doesn't ensure it will be an easy step.  Sometimes it is.  Sometimes it is a mini battle to be courageous enough to pursue.
I'm thinking better to pursue and ask for courage than to take a path that may be an easy choice, that will always leave you wondering what could have been.
A tip that I was given once was that fear and excitement nearly feel the same, so when it feels like fear just take a second to notice... is this fear or is this actually excitement from deep inside at being who I know I can be?

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