Saturday, 25 February 2012

While the girls swoon over Gaston, he only has eyes for Belle. Hanging in the local bar he boasts... and boasts and boasts all he ever mentions are things that can be measured materially, things that can be observed as 'the best'.

From the outset we can all see that he is not the man fit for her.
 As Belle rejects Gaston's advances and marriage proposal, (even after all he even states he sees her 'as the little woman at home caring for their strapping sons') The village judge her, questioning 'What is wrong with her? ... they see him as a handsome fellow, a hunter, leader and someone with lots of friends, someone with lots of admirers. A catch.
   She  leaves this thug to the mindless village girls for as she puts it in conversation to her father...'he is conceited, rude and ohh papa, he's not for me!'

Belle is intelligent and loving, brave and caring as as her story unfolds it is the Beast who is her perfect match. For as we discover he is not the beast as it turns out, he is a prince. A prince who sees the princess in her.

It's lucky for Belle that she refuses to settle for less than her hearts desire. She is courageous in believing that there is someone who will love and understand her, someone deserving of her precious virtues. Someone who can appreciate them.
  Gaston cannot see these things, for he has no concept of what they are.
From the point of self fullfilment Belle made the right choice, Gaston advises her 'it is not good for girls to read...they start getting ideas,..
The beast - gifts her with a library. I think that is quite symbolic.

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