Saturday, 25 February 2012

What does a perfect world begin and end with.....?

Emperor Kuzco demonstrates himself as a self centred, self absorbed individual.  No thought for anyone else, no ability to see through others eyes and definitely no interest in sharing.
Pasha, brought up to believe that there is some good in everyone. Against his best interests is patient and loving enough to give Kuzco the gifts he has pushed away and rejected at all opportunities. 
Kuzco walks a tough path to learn his lesson of friendship, respect and of what really matters.  It is only when he discovers the richness that comes with doing good, being kind, loving and helpful that he truly able to experience happiness and value the riches around him.
One of the funniest animations and the  underhanded comments made by Kuzco really make his character amusing.  Such a temptation to imitate as he is at times so dry and down right rude it is unbelievable, yet still appealing. We all have our lessons and wherever we are on the journey, we are still lovable.

Lyrics....taken from the perfect world of Kuzco...

He has the sovereign lord of the nation
He has the hippest cat in creation
He has the alpha, the omega, a to z
And this perfect world will spin
Around his every little whim
´Cos this perfect world begins & ends with...

What´s his name?
Kuzco, Kuzco, Kuzco
Kuzco (That is his name)
Kuzco, Kuzco (Is he hip or what)
kuzco (Don´t you know he has the king of the world?)
Kuzco-(oh ya)-oooo (ow!)
Kuzco's world revolves around him...his id is certainly in need of ego!

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