Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rapunzel's steps out into the world. Every woman I know relates to the roller coaster ride of absolute wonder and excitement, of empowerment and self confidence and efficacy to depths of despair and uncertainty.  That freedom and excitment of choice and opportunity versus the awful guilt and concern and overcompensation for the effects of our choices on others.
In Rupunzel's case her mother selfishly put her own needs before her daughters to keep her at home, to keep her marvellous magical gifts all for herself. She brought her up with the that idea that the world is an unsafe place, that she was incapable of coping. No wonder she felt insecure at times. No wonder she felt people were only out to steal, cheat and take advantage of her.
Interestingly things could have been so different if her mother had of been lovingly supportive, her daughter would have not only enjoyed her mother's company and continued to gift her with love but also brought in more joy through her own fulfilment.
Im going to remember this story, particuarly when I have that lack of belief in my choices and those hold back thoughts! After all they are just thoughts!

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