Sunday, 26 February 2012

What do I love about today..... remembering the feeling of love....

Ariel plucks petals from the under ocean bloom...he loves me... he loves me not...he loves me..finally the last petal falls and she falls backwards in complete happiness (and could it be relief?).. ahh he loves me. Excitedly she exclaims HE LOVES ME!
Such happiness and joy brought to her by her own thoughts, after all there is not indication from Prince Eric, he doesn't know she even exists just yet.  But she loves him and the idea of being in love.
It is her fascination and feeling of warm goey love that keeps her playng these games. They bring her closer to him in her thoughts and one wonders if the flower had of ended in a no responce would she pick another flower and just try again?
Whatever the case, Ariel is in her own world, she is in love and happy. It is the power of belief in true love and her wish for it to be so that keep her happy.

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